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Letters to Juliet -
7 Horses

Black Face -
African Queen

Life Is A Circus -
Beck Black

American Mister -
Beck Black

Baby I Love Your Way -
Billy Lofton 

This Intoxication -


Bleek -

Round and Round and Round - Bon Scott

Carey Gully - Bon Scott feat. Peter Head

Round and Round and Round - Bon Scott feat. Peter Head

Bone Angel -
Bone Angel

Happy Green Pea -


Big River -

Give The People What They Want - Chris Melotti feat. Sabrina
Don't Let Me Go - Chris Melotti feat. Sabrina

She's So Young - Craig Fraser Ft Dino Jag and Dr D.

Make Love Not War -
Dale Bozzio 

Dave Evans


The Remix Sessions - Dave Sharp

Didge on Fire -
Didge on Fire

She's a MOD (Remix) - Dino Jag

Loving You Forever - DJ 5th Mars feat. Suzanna Lubrano

Sera Ke Amor - DJ 5th Mars feat. Suzanna Lubrano

DJ Trance -
DJ Trance


All The World Is Your Fool - Eric Ricaud feat. Craig Fraser

Chop The Mutha Down - Eric Ricaud feat. Craig Fraser

One More Little Chance - Eric Ricaud feat. Craig Fraser

Dealing with Destiny - Film Sound Track 

The Argues The Movie - Film Sound Track

A Song for Tooley -


Ian Miller -

Lakeview Avenue - Jeffrey Pope

Up All Night -
Jeffrey Pope

Lucky -
Koreen Perry

From There to Here - Linzi O Band

She's Got Revolution - Marshmellow Overcoat


Gloria Natura - Michael Horsphol

YOU (Bass Down Mix) - Michael Jameson

Summer Love - Michael Jameson feat. Andrea Marr

YOU - Michael Jameson feat. Bernard Fowler

Downtown - Petula Clark vs. The OUTpsiDER

Hurt Myself - Rusty Anderson vs Dino Jag


Coming Down - Rusty Anderson vs Richie Robinson

Boogie Oogie Oogie -

Fall -

Girl Parts -

Hold On Tight -

Lightness of Day -


World of Difference - Sam Pollard

Universe -
Sarah Kate

Falling -
Sarah Saunders

Jazz At The El Rocco - Serge Ermoll

Night of Hunter -
Shake Digga

Southpaw -


Don't Go Changing - Suzanna Lubrano

Tardi Di Mas - Suzanna Lubrano

Loving You Forever - Suzanna Lubrano

Summer Tyme -
Tha M.O.B.B

I Go To Pieces - The OUTpsiDER

We Gotta Get Outta Dis Place - The OUTpsiDER


The Southpaw Remixes - The OUTpsiDER

Indigenous Mix - The OUTpsiDER

Modulations One - The OUTpsiDER

System Slave - The OUTpsiDER

The Bella Kiss Project - The OUTpsiDER

The Caitlin Remixes - The OUTpsiDER


All in the Family - Various Artists 

Sweet Sweet Music - Viceroybill feat. ChloeChadwick
Turn My World Around - Nat Viola

Baby Tell Me -
Zya Mou